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The advantages and disadvantages of mass media

    Mass media play a very important role in our everyday life. They serve to inform people of different events that take place or may happen. Also they entertain people or even help to make their life better. But the most important thing that newspapers, radio or TV bring to people is information. The process of sharing information in the modern world is extremely intense. In all countries is becoming more complex social cultural phenomenon that applies to various activities and is inseparable from the study of languages​​, political and social, economic, scientific, educational and technological development. That is why a significant and constant amount of information students receive through the media.                                                                                                
   Print media has traditionally been one of the main means in the system of mass media. The print media includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, books and even leaflets and pamphlets. Visual media like photography can also be mentioned under this sub-head, since photography is an important mass media, which communicates via visual representations. Although, it is said that the electronic or new media have replaced the print media, there exists a majority of audiences who prefer the print media for various communication purposes.  
       Newspapers are a valuable source of educational material such as learning a foreign language.   They offer an interesting, topical and various information. Students can actively use newspaper in addition to the textbook and as an additional source for reading and writing. Reading the documentary essays, various articles, advertisements, etc. to help students apply grammar and quantitative skills, understand the importance to keep abreast of current events. Also students can discuss what they have read the next day in the class.  Some researches have found that the benefits of working with the newspaper's material is much higher than just getting actual information from the textbook. However, print media also has its own disadvantages. Here, we shall take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of print media.

The advantages of print media:
·        Print mass media focus public attention on the most urgent problems of the society. Those may be problems in health care, education, transportation or even corruption in government.
·        Complete and accurate information is very important to get nowadays.
·        It is useful that print media provide people in small towns and villages with the information of what takes place in society, and are also means of entertainment.
    The disadvantages of print media:

·        This medium may not always give you a wide reach. Internet, on the other hand, can target a global audience.
·        There is a limitation in terms of the kind of people who may actually read your message. The particular newspaper may not actually be accessible every time to your target group, which means, your message may be missed! The Internet on the other hand, can be accessed from anywhere.
       Thus, we can see, there are certain pros and cons of print media. With proper planning, you can opt for the right form to gain maximum coverage and make the best of this medium!

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